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Lighting that thinks for itself.

Indoor SensorLights

Light that thinks for itself

The indoor light series from STEINEL combines state-of-the-art sensor technology with sleek design. Cutting-edge high-frequency sensors (HF) invisibly concealed inside these lights instantly respond to the tiniest movement regardless of temperature and automatically switch 'ON' light.

STEINEL HF-SensorLights are designed specifically for indoor spaces, such as stairwells, corridors or bathrooms. The innovative lights come as wall and ceiling lights. HF-SensorLights provide efficient, money-saving light management as well as added convenience and safety in the home, commercial premises, administration centres and other buildings.

Another reason to make investors and homeowners decide in favour of STEINEL HF-SensorLights: the intelligent light is just as easy and quick to install as conventional lamps - and there's no need for separate switches or motion detectors.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Safety, convenience and energy saving because light comes 'ON' automatically
  • Extremely rapid response time
  • Reliable, all-round detection regardless of ambient temperature and direction of movement
  • Reach, twilight threshold and light 'ON' duration can be set to suit individual needs
  • Rapid installation: Sensor and light = 1 connection

One example illustrates the efficiency of HFSensorLights: When you enter the stairwell of a multistorey building, for example, the sensors integrated in the lights only switch the light 'ON' when it's really needed – and 'OFF' again after the time you set.Floors that are not used stay unlit.

Light 'ON' and 'OFF' ...automatically

High-frequency sensors respond faster

Wherever there are people, there is movement. This fact makes motion sensors the ideal cornerstone for intelligent lighting. STEINEL high-frequency (HF) sensors identify movement instantly without any restriction to "sensitivity" through ambient temperature and direction in which the object being detected moves.

High-frequency sensors actively scan the detection zone. To do this, they emit signals and receive the echo reflected off walls and surrounding objects a moment later. Any movement is immediately detected and the light is switched 'ON'. And there's no more forgetting to switch the light 'OFF'; it does that all by itself. Saving energy.

STEINEL high-frequency sensors operate at 5.8 GHz. As glass and thin walls do not get in the way of these signals, the sensors can be fitted inside the light, making them invisible from the outside. This way, nothing detracts from the design of STEINEL SensorLights.

These qualities make the STEINEL HF-sensor the perfect solution for automatic indoor lighting. An innovation from STEINEL – the original.

Convenience, safety, lower costs

Employing state-of-the-art high-frequency sensors to control interior lights as and when they're needed, STEINEL has heralded in a new era of lighting automation. STEINEL HF-SensorLights are specifically designed for indoors and can be mounted to walls and ceilings.

Reach setting

STEINEL HF-SensorLights can detect movements across a diameter of 1 to 8 m.You can infinitely vary the reach you require using the system's electronics.

Time setting

STEINEL HF-SensorLights are equipped with a timer that makes sure the light stays switched 'ON' for a selectable period of time even after a temporary movement in the detection zone. You can infinitely vary how long you want the light to stay 'ON' for.

Twilight setting

Setting the response threshold to between 2 and 2000 lux, you can determine the level of ambient brightness at which you want the SensorLight to come 'ON'. While it's still light, at dusk or when it gets dark.

Straightforward installation

STEINEL HF-SensorLights are just as easy to install as conventional light fittings: Fix light to wall or ceiling and connect phase and neutral conductor to the screw terminals – that's all there is to it. It's just that now, with integrated sensor system, there's no need to do any switching by hand.

Connecting other loads

Most of the HF-SensorLights are provided with a separate terminal that can be used for connecting other devices. On entering a guest WC, an addition light or extractor fan can, for example, be switched 'ON' in addition to the main light.