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High-resolution and sensitive.

Presence detectors

STEINEL Professional – true Presence Detectors

An all-new generation of sensor technology: Control PRO System

We have taken a thorough look at the demands that are made on sensor technology today. In addition to the expectations users put on them, we also devote our attention to those of planners, architects, consultants and electrical fi tters. After painstakingly and exhaustively analysing the market, we can meet the expectations placed on modern sensor technology with solutions tailored to every specific need.

The result: our Control PRO generation of presence detectors.

The Professional line-up: covering a range no other can

The Control PRO System uses 4 sensor technologies, 2 infrared versions and 2 high-frequency versions. Both infrared presence detectors have a mechanically scalable square-shaped detection characteristic – unparelleled anywhere else in the world. The design of our new Control PRO family is understated. This range is intended for recessed ceiling installation and therefore extremely shallow. They go perfectly with square as well as round ceiling elements and lights. A range of accessories also permits surfacemounting. Needless to say, our presence detectors are available in all the most commonly demanded combinations (switching output, HVAC output, 1 – 10 V dimming output, KNX/EIB, DALI). Featuring additional functions and setting capabilities, they can be used in master/slave applications and benefi t from a self-learning IQ mode. They can also be operated by IR remote control. A precision constant-light controller is, of course, also integrated. Alongside presence detectors, the Control PRO System also offers modern DUAL smoke detector and an air-quality sensor covering all demands on building sensors in matching design.

That's STEINEL Professional – Intelligent lighting for professional applications.


  • Exactly the right sensor technology for any specifi c lighting application
  • (infrared, digital infrared, high-frequency sensor systems, DUAL technologies, dedicated corridor sensors etc.)
  • Unique square-shaped detection zone
  • Unparalleled mechanical scalability of reach
  • All the main connection options (high-load relay, 2 outputs, DALI, KNX, 1–10 V interface, wireless interconnectability etc.)
  • Master-master/master-slave systems
  • All products in one and the same design
  • Plus smoke detector and air-quality sensor with co-ordinated design and operating concept
  • Pushbutton/switch input for semi-automatic operation
  • Load-free programming with visible LED
  • Constant-light function, permanent light 'OFF' function
  • Can be remotely controlled
  • Concealed, surface and ceiling mounting
  • Compatible with all common recessed boxes


Motion and Presence Detectors

The chief difference between motion and presence detectors lies in their detection properties and areas of use. The particular situation determines which technology is used where.

Dynamic means effective: Motion detectors

Motion detectors respond to walking movements. They perceive these in the selected detection zone and respond to them: this means light is switched 'ON' when a movement is detected once ambient light levels fall below a preselected threshold. Light switches 'OFF again after the period you set. Their use is recommended for detecting moving objects outdoors or in thoroughfares indoors.

High-resolution and sensitive: Presence detectors

Presence detectors respond to the tiniest movements using extremely highresolution, precision sensor technology. This is important indoors, particularly in conjunction with sedentary activities (offi ces for desk work, classrooms etc.) as well as for specifi c lighting tasks, such as in sports halls, changing rooms, corridors and storage areas. The light sensors continuously measure ambient light and constantly compare it with the preselected level. Light is switched on when ambient light falls below a specifi c threshold while people are present. If it's bright enough, light is automatically switched off even if people are in the room.

Precision squared

The detection zones of our IR presence detectors are not round but square. This is not only far more precise and practical but also better to plan – there are no overlaps and no areas omitted. In addition to this, the square detection zones provided by STEINEL Professional presence detectors are precision-scalable.